TOUR 2017

Thank you Napoli, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine

this the best way to end this tour

We're glad to tell you some details about the new EP!!! It will be titled



''EX ADVERSIS RESURGO'', produced by Fabrizio Romani and Freddie Formis is composed by two inedited songs, which have a innovative sound, more aggressive, with tighter and engaging rhythmic. The are also two live songs and a acoustic rearrangement of ''Follow your Fate''. It will be released on July 25.

Here you can find the tracklist; the artwork was made by Jan Örkki Yrlund "Darkgrove" (Manowar, Korpiklanni, Tyr, Sirenia).


1. Pagan Ritual

2. Fire Of Persecution

3. Ex Adversis Resurgo

4. Cradle's Lake (Live Brixia Metal Fest)

5. Silence In Your Mind (Live Brixia Metal Fest)

6. Follow Your Fate (Piano Version)

Ex Adversis


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